Ronald Robinson, Executive Director
Lewisburg Housing Authority
744 Bark Street
Lewisburg, TN 37091
Phone 931.359.4517
Fax 931.359.8496

For public information, the housing units stay close to full occupancy and fall into the following categories:

Five bedroom single units: 9
Four bedroom single units: 21
Three bedroom duplex: 55
Two bedroom duplex: 73
One bedroom duplex: 62

The Lewisburg Housing Authority in Lewisburg, Tennessee was organized in 1953 under the guidelines of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937. Like all housing authorities, LHA was established as an independent, federally funded agency whose purpose in the community is to develop, own, and manage low-rent housing. The first housing units were completed in 1959, providing homes for 80 households. Sixty additional units were added in 1962 with 80 more units in 1971. These 220 dwellings cover over 40 acres of land in the heart of Lewisburg and are divided into two separate complexes known as the James K. Polk Homes (170 units) and the Carver Heights Homes (50 units). Each set of dwellings has its own community center. The George W. Turner Community Center in the James K. Polk Homes complex is named for founding board member, educator, and community leader, Professor George W. Turner. The community center for the Carver Heights Homes pays tribute to a former executive director, Ladelle Estes Lloyd, who served in that capacity for 28 years. Also located in the LHA are the teaching centers for Head Start 1 and Head Start 2 and a building occupied by the South Central Human Resources Agency.

Executive Director Ronald Robinson came to the Lewisburg Housing Authority in 2004 with a 28-year career in maintenance, property management, and manufacturing supervision. He currently manages eight employees and an annual budget of $727,000 with an additional $335,000 in a capital improvement fund. The members of the housing board are appointed by the mayor of Lewisburg and serve for a five-year, renewable term. Board meetings are held at 6:00 p.m.on the last Tuesday night of the month in the George W. Turner Community Center.

The mission of the Lewisburg Housing Authority is to provide safe, decent, drug-free, affordable, and sanitary housing for eligible families. The monthly cost of renting public housing is based on a broad criteria including income, number and ages of those in the household, medical history of the renters, and disabilities. Though anyone, regardless of income, who wishes to live in low-rent housing may apply, preference will always be given to those whose circumstances reflect the greatest need.

In order to renegotiate the annual contribution contract between the LHA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the authority must successfully pass a standard and uniform, comprehensive oversight assessment conducted by the Public Housing Assessment System. This assessment is divided into four categories which include management and operation (30 points), the physical plant (30 points), finances (30 points), and residential satisfaction (10 points). This year the Lewisburg Housing Authority received a score of 89 which puts them just one point below the High Performance rating. Director Robinson and his staff are already focusing on ways they can improve the score for next year.

The staff at the Lewisburg Housing Authority will be happy to assist you with your housing needs and invites you to contact them.


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