Marshall County Clerk

Daphne Fagan, County Clerk
1107 Courthouse Annex
Lewisburg, TN 37091
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Phone: 359-1072 Fax: 359-0559
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We now have the technology to take photos for your Driver License Renewal
and Duplicate Services (name change, address change, lost or stolen).  No need to drive to another county, visit your local County Clerk.  Short lines and very little wait.
There is a State required additional fee of $4.00 for this service. 
Note:  This service is not available to a new resident from another state.

FEE COST - Effective February 1, 2008

New Tag - In County $85.00
New Tag - Out of County $35.00
Duplicate Title $11.00
Noting of Lien $11.00
Transferee Fee with copy of registration $14.50
Transferee Fee without copy of registration $17.50
T.O.P. $10.00
Business Tax Minimum $15.00
Mail In Fees Tag/Decal $2.00
Boat Fee Total $7.00
($2.00 for Collecting Sales)
($5.00 for Affixing Seal)

Responsibilities of the Clerk's Office:

Renewal of vehicle tags which includes the wheel tax sticker. A drive-up window is available for convenience. The wheel tax sticker is used exclusively to retire the county school bond indebtedness ($40.00), add to the county highway fund ($7.50), and retire the bond indebtedness on the Marshall County Jail ($2.50).

The staff members title a vehicle and collect the sales tax when applicable and assign a tag at the time. Titles have been issued since 1999. The County receives a percentage of the fees for every title the office prints. This has brought new revenues into the county that normally the state would keep. It has also made it easier to replace your title and it does not take as long for other titles to be issued.

Business Licenses. Anyone in the county/city that grosses $3,000.00 or more in a business must have a license. There are few exceptions to this state law.

Beer Tax/Permits. The county beer board must approve a license. The clerk's office collects the annual fee of $100.00 and the one-time new application fee of $250.00. All minutes and permits are kept in the Clerk's office.

Boat Registration. The sales tax and registration fees on the new to you purchases and renewals are processed in this office.

Hunting and Fishing License.

Organ Donor Awareness. A person can give to this fund anytime and in any amount. The money is sent to the national foundation.

Passports have been issued in this office since the 1960's.  A person under the age of 16 must have both parent's consent to leave the country.  A person between age 16 and age 18 must have one parent's consent. 

Passport Fees as of 7/13/2010:

Passport Book - age 16 and up         $135.00                         Passport Card - age 16 and up         $55.00
Passport Book - age 15 and below    $105.00                         Passport Card - age 15 and below    $40.00

The U.S. Passport Card may only be used for re-entry into the United States at land borders and sea-ports when traveling from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda.  Passport cards may not be used for air travel.

Renewals - Book      $110.00                                       Book & Card Renewal - age 16 and up        $165.00
Renewals - Card        $30.00                                       Book & Card Renewal - age 15 and below   $120.00

To expedite and overnight passports:

                                                                 NEW                RENEWALS
                                    Passport Fee:       $135.00               $110.00
                                    Expedite Fee:        $60.00                  $60.00
                                  Overnight Fee:        $18.30                 $18.30
   Overnight Return Fee to Customer:       $12.72                $12.72
                                            TOTALS:       $226.02              $201.02 

See  website for more information.  Passport forms also available to print from website.

Record keeper Secretary for the County Commission. Anything that is addressed in a county commission meeting is filed in the Clerk's office. All resolutions and reports are accepted and compiled for mailing to each commissioner. The Commission now meets the first 11 months of the year on the 4th Monday (unless it is a holiday then the following Tuesday) at 6:00 PM.

Automobile License

Renewal Fee: $74.00 (Regular auto license plate, Registration and Wheel Tax)
Online: (renewals only)
By Mail: Add $2.00 postage fee
Mailing Address
Marshall County Clerk
1107 Courthouse Annex
Lewisburg, TN 37091

Automobile Title and Registration

Fee: $85.00 - (regular auto license plate, title, and wheel tax)
Dealer Purchase: Current title or MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin)
Bill of Sale showing purchase price and sales tax collected
Odometer Statement on vehicles up to ten years old 
Individual Purchase: Title signed by seller as on front of title and bill of sale signed by both parties.
Odometer section filled in on vehicles up to ten years old
Sales tax will be collected on the purchase price of vehicle less trade-in, if any
Sales Tax Rate: 7% state tax on the purchase price less trade-in plus 2.75% fixed rate state sales tax on purchase price from $1600 up to $3200 caped at $44.00 (maximum amount taxed $1600 at fixed rate is $1600 at 2.75%) plus 2.25% county tax on first $1600 ($36.00 cap on county sales tax) plus $1.00 Clerk's fee
Gift Requirements: Title signed by person listed on front of title and a statement as to why vehicle is a gift
Odometer section filled in
Form, which must be filled out by both parties - giving and receiving
Moving from Out of State: Current Title
Current Registration
Lien: Name and address of lien holder
Lease Vehicles: All lease vehicles require a Power of Attorney from lessor. $2.00 Lessee Fee.
Requirements: Purchased vehicle in same name as current Registration. (Can add a spouse only - cannot drop a name)
Follow above requirements for title and registration,
Please Note: All lease vehicles require a Power of Attorney from lessor.
$2.00 lessee fee

Beer Permits

Requirements Outside city limits
Application: Form to be filled out.
Fee: $250.00 paid at time application filed. Non-refundable.
Meeting: The meeting is advertised and then 15 days after that the Beer Board will meet at the time stated in advertisement
Permit: Issued when approved by Beer Board

Boat Registration

Individual Purchase
Requirements: Former boat registration card and bill of sale
Sales Tax: Sales tax will be collected on the purchase price of boat less trade-in, if any
Sales Tax Rate: 7% state tax on the purchase price less trade-in plus 2.75% fixed rate state sales tax on purchase price from $1600 up to $3200 capped at $44.00 (maximum amount taxed $1600 at fixed rate is $1600 at 2.75%) plus 2.25% county tax on first $1600 ($36.00 cap on county sales tax) plus $7.00 Clerk's fee

Business License

New Business
Location: County Wide (Doctors, lawyers, banks and insurance companies are exempt, also see state website: for other additional exemptions)
Fee: $15.00 minimum, based on gross sales
Requirements: Anyone conducting business and grossing more than $3,000.00 a year.
County Clerk can only open business accounts and print the business license.  The State will monitor the program and mail out the proper forms and bills to pay your taxes to the State.  Business applications are available on-line visit

Marriage License

Fee: $40.00 With Pre-Marital Counseling (Must have a signed, notarized form to signify pre-marital counseling has been completed)
$100.00 Without Counseling Certification
Requirements: Eighteen years of age or older
Both parties, must be present
Provide driver's license, state-issued picture ID, or birth certificate
Provide Social Security card
No waiting period
License is good for 30 days anywhere in the State of Tennessee
Marriage applications are available on-line visit

Notary Public

Notary Application
Fee: $44.00 new or $14.00 renewal
New or Renewal: Obtain an application from the Clerk's office. Complete both pages. Return to Clerk's office before the 5th of each month. (No meeting in December). Application will then be submitted before the County Commission for approval. Once the staff receives the fee, a certificate and notary seal will be ordered.
Bond: $10,000 bond must be made through insurance company or two (2) Marshall County landowners must sign the application.
Time Frame: It will take approximately two weeks after the county commission meeting before the seal and notary commission are received in the Clerk's office at which time applicant will be notified.

Driver's License - Renewals, duplicates, change of address 

Our office can renew, print duplicates, change addresses and make photos for renewal and duplicate services.  If you are a new resident from another state, you will have to visit a Main Driver's Station to have a new picture made and put on file.  The Main Station will then renew and print your driver's license.  The closest Main Driver's Stations are located in Columbia, Fayetteville, and Shelbyville.  The County Clerk's Office is NOT a main station.  We cannot drop or add any endorsements to your Driver's License, issue or update CDL's, process hand gun permits or process new residents from another state. 

NOTICE: We are now accepting debit/ credit cards for all business conducted in the county clerk's office. Since this service is provided by a third party, there will be an additional charge added to the original total. You must come into the office for this service because you must swipe your card and enter your pin number.

Office Location
The office is located on the first floor of the Courthouse Annex. A drive-up window is available the convenience of vehicle renewals only.


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