Berlin Springs Pavilion

Berlin Springs Pavilion and Grounds Guidelines

1. Deposit of $100.00 must be made at the time of requesting the park for an event on a certain date.

2. No alcohol beverages or drugs allowed during the event on the grounds.

3. Clean up must be completed by the reserving party by noon of the following day of the event.

4. Return of the deposit will be mailed back or hand delivered after the grounds have been inspected and declared clean and no damage has been done.

5. Failure to clean grounds or damage to grounds will automatically forfeit the return of the $100.00 deposit.

6. The renting party must turn in a letter stating the date (month, day, and year) that they plan on using the facility and that they understand it is their responsibility to clean up the premises by the stated time above. This letter must be turned in when the $100.00 deposit is received by the appropriate person(s) in charge of the booking of the facility.
*This will be used to clear up any dispute over the use of the facility*

7. Proof of liability insurance

8. For more information, call the Berlin Fire Department 931-270-1720

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