Cecilia West Spivy
201 Marshall County Courthouse
Lewisburg, TN 37091
Phone (931) 359-2181
Fax (931) 359-0524
Office hours 8:00a.m.-4:00p.m. Monday-Friday

J. B. Cox, Chancellor for 17th Judicial District
Lincoln County Courthouse

Fayetteville, TN 37334

The Marshall County Clerk and Master is the principal administrative aide to the Chancery Court. She, and her deputies, provide assistance in the areas of courtroom administration, docket maintenance of all pleadings, papers and exhibits, entry of all minutes of the court, revenue  management, invest money for minors pursuant to a court order, handle official communication, as well as various other court-associated duties required by law.

The Chancellor may also appoint the Clerk and Master as a "Special Commissioner" to handle matters in Chancery Court such as the sale of property in probate or domestic cases. The Clerk and Master is appointed by the Chancellor for a six-year term pursuant to the state constitution.

In Marshall County, the Chancery Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the Probate of Estates, Conservatorships and Guardianships. All petitions to administer an estate, probate a will, appoint a guardian for a minor, and appoint a conservator for a disabled person must be filed in Chancery Court. The Clerk and Master has authority to hear and determine all probate matters, as the chancellor deems appropriate, except solemn form probates and will contests. The Clerk and Master issues letters of administration and testamentary; issues letters of guardianship and conservatorship; appoints administrators, executors, guardians and conservators;  receives and dockets all claims; reviews and
approves all accounts and settlements prior to submitting for final approve by the Chancellor.

Chancery Court handles various types of lawsuits such as Divorce, Adoption, Paternity, Legitimation, Surrender, Orders of Protection, Child Support Enforcement, Real Estate Matters, Partition Suits, Name Change, Contract/Debt Disputes, Workers Compensation, Specific Performance, Trusts, Contempt, Minor Settlements, and Foreign Judgments.

In addition, the Marshall County Clerk and Master's office is responsible for the filing of delinquent tax suits by Tax Attorneys for Marshall County, the City of Lewisburg, the Town of Chapel Hill and the Town of Cornersville for the collection of delinquent taxes. The Clerk and Master is required by statue to auction property as a result of nonpayment of delinquent taxes.

Marshall County is an equal opportunity provider and employer.