Organ Donor

Tennessee County Clerks Support Organ Donation – You Can Too! One organ donor can save as many as eight lives, and each tissue donor can improve the lives of 75 or more people. Every day, 100 American lives are saved through organ donation. Still, 17 die every day waiting for a lifesaving transplant. One day you, or someone you love, may need an organ or tissue transplant. You can help end the wait. Register to #BeTheGift that saves lives now. Visit Already Registered? Donate $1. When renewing your vehicle’s tags, add $1 to support organ, eye and tissue donation awareness through the Tennessee County Clerk Organ Donor Awareness Foundation. This tax-deductible donation can be made when you renew in-person, by mail or online. Your contribution helps educate others about the critical need for lifesaving organ, eye and tissue donors.

 Tennessee County Clerk's "DONATE LIFE TENNESSEE" campaign.

Together we CAN save lives!
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