Job Opening: Recycling Floor Supervisor (Full-Time)

Nature of Work
     This is responsible labor intensive and supervisory work involving the supervision of employees and inmates working at the recycling center for the Marshall County Solid Waste Department. Activities associated with the job include supervising, training and communicating with Single Stream Line Recycle employees and inmates, receiving and sorting loads of recycled materials and operating a forklift, skid loaders and baling machinery to process, sort and store recycled materials prior to being sold.  Additional activities include separating various types of recycled materials for sale and/or disposal, routine cleaning and maintenance of the recycling center, maintaining required records and documentation of recycled materials and notifying the appropriate personnel of any problems experienced with recycling machinery or equipment. Job related duties require thorough experience working in solid waste and/or recycling operations, good organizational, decision making and interpersonal skills, considerable supervisory experience, thorough knowledge of recycling processes and machinery and sufficient strength and agility to perform the physically demanding aspects of the job.  Performance is evaluated by the Assistant Solid Waste Director in conjunction with the Solid Waste Director through review of the efficiency of recycling operations, ability to effectively supervise and direct the activities of employees and assigned inmates, knowledge of recycling processes and machinery and compliance with existing rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of the recycling center.

Illustrative Examples of Work
- Supervises, trains and communicates with Single Stream Line Recycle employees and inmates assigned to the recycling center.
- Receives and sorts loads of recycled materials and operates a skid loader, forklift and balers to process and store recycled materials prior to being sold.
- Ensures each position on the sorting line is covered for maximum productivity.
- Monitors, screens and moves recyclables to appropriate containers and bins and bales prior to transport.
-Makes decisions regarding which items need to be processed, baled and/or packaged prior to sale and/or disposal.
- Directs the activities of employees and inmates who bale cardboard, plastic, newspaper, computer paper, tin, aluminum and other recycled materials.
- Ensures the proper maintenance and cleanliness of the recycling center and assists with routine maintenance operations.
- Assists individuals bringing recycled materials to the center and advises the proper means of disposal, etc.
- Operates roll off trucks to collect recycled materials from convenience centers when necessary.
- Ensures the proper and safe flow of recycled materials from container bins to the sorting line, balers and prepares materials for transport.
- Operates compacting equipment and/or a forklift to process and reduce the bulk of recycled materials.
- Notifies the appropriate personnel when collection containers need to be emptied and/or disposed of.
- Sorts recycled material that has not been properly disposed of and/or put in the wrong container.
- Notifies the appropriate personnel in the event of trouble with inmates assigned to work crews.
- Ensures the proper packaging and disposal of all recycled materials processed through the recycling center.
- Interacts with companies involved in recycling when swapping out recycle trailers.
- Notifies the appropriate personnel in the event of recycling machinery or equipment malfunctioning or in need of adjustment.
- Interacts with vendors bringing supplies and materials to the facility.
- Attends continuing education classes to remain current on recycling processes and machinery.
- Performs related duties as required.

Necessary Requirements of Work
     Graduation from an accredited high school or GED preferred; thorough experience working in solid waste and/or recycling operations; considerable supervisory experience; thorough knowledge of recycling processes and machinery; good interpersonal, organizational and decision making skills, sufficient strength and agility to perform the physically demanding aspects of the job in a variety of weather conditions; or any equivalent combination of education and/or experience to provide the following knowledge, abilities and skills:

- Thorough knowledge of recyclable materials including the proper storage and packaging of recycled items for sale and/or disposal.
- Thorough knowledge of the maintenance and operation of the county owned recycling center including the Single Stream Line Recycle machinery and all required safety procedures and regulations.
- Thorough knowledge of toxic and/or caustic substances and the proper methods for eliminating them from public areas.
- Considerable knowledge of federal and state recycling regulations pertaining to the proper sale and/or disposal of recycled materials including plastics, metals, batteries, tires, etc.
- Knowledge of effective supervisory practices and techniques including the selection, evaluation, motivation and discipline and/or discharge of employees.
- Ability to effectively supervise and direct the activities of employees and inmates assigned to the recycling center.
- Ability to react quickly and appropriately to potentially dangerous or volatile situations to ensure the safety of others.
- Ability to perform the physically demanding requirements of the job in a variety of weather conditions.
- Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, inmates and the public.
- Ability to consistently follow established policies and procedures pertaining to the supervision and packaging of recycled materials.
- Ability to make appropriate and timely decisions in response to situations encountered on the job.
- Ability to acquire and utilize new job related information as required.
- Ability to document and maintain accurate logs of required information and personal activities.
- Skill in the operation of vehicles and equipment utilized for recycling operations including compactors, fork lifts, baling equipment, forklifts, skid loaders, etc.
- Skill in the use of hand tools and power tools utilized on the job.

Necessary Special Requirements
- Possession of a valid Tennessee Commercial Driver’s License, Class B and the ability to be insured at standard vehicle liability rates. Commercial Driver’s License, Class A preferred.
- Current Skid Loader and Forklift certifications.
- Successful completion of Correctional Officer training.
- Completion of a criminal background check.
- Successful completion of NARCAN training.
- Current First Aide certification.

Physical Requirements
  • This is heavy work requiring considerable static, explosive, dynamic and trunk strength and requiring the exertion of  up to 100 pounds of force occasionally and up to 20 pounds of force frequently to move objects
  • Work requires considerable flexibility, mobility and speed of limb movement
  • Work requires considerable effort and stamina
  • Work requires both gross body equilibrium and coordination for balancing, bending, stooping, kneeling and walking
  • Work requires arm/ hand steadiness and manual and finger dexterity
  • Vocal communication is required for expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word
  • Hearing is required to perceive information in both quiet and noisy environments and determine the direction of sounds
  • Visual acuity is required for the inspection of small defects and/or small parts, use of measuring devices, operation of office equipment, determining the accuracy and thoroughness of work, color differentiation, and observing general surroundings and activities
  • The worker is subject to inside and outside environmental conditions, temperature         extremes, oils and lubricants, noise and slippery surfaces

  • Application may be picked up from the Marshall County Human Resources Office, 3309 Courthouse Annex, 3rd floor, Lewisburg, TN 37091 or obtain from
  • Completed application and resume will be accepted until 4:00pm on October 31, 2019 and the position will remain “Open until Filled”, by the Marshall County Human Resources Office.
  • No Phone calls please.
  • Absolutely no late, faxed, or emailed applications will be accepted.
  • Only qualified applicants will be interviewed.